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 My Mother spoke to me as a young child telling me I was a sixth generation artist.  At the time I had little idea what that meant, Other than that she was always painting and designing things, which she sold at Canton Trades Days for a living.  She told me stories of when she was young Painting the billboards in Dallas for a master sign painter riding out the end of a boom, on a boom truck as the wind swayed back and forth, creating the massive signs along the highways back in the 1960's.Until that last day she described on the boom truck.  She and her boss were approximately 40 feet up painting when a brisk gush of wind came in, and she said of that moment, the truck lightened up and she and her boss looked at each other and both immediately had their plan as the dog ears collapsed and and they knew they were going down.Her plan was to run down the length of the boom and jump at the very last second, while his was to ride it out on the end and jump and do a parachute landing before it crashed to the ground.  She said time came to a stop, as she executed her plan as she ran the rungs of the ladder and jumped at the last second.Both laying in the dust, she looked over at him and said, "I will never get up on a that boom again, your going to have to bring them down to me", and so they did.This is the beginning of my story, as I was always surrounded by art and I began to cultivate my own work under her wing.I will forever be grateful to her for showing me what is possible and remember her in love and admiration as I carry on our families trade.This is where our project begins, me and you, collaborating to bring your vision for your business or personal pursuit out into the world.I look forward to developing your ideas, through sketches, digital mock ups, to the completion of the final project we have planned together.My desire is to promote the integrity of your vision as it becomes a reality, and look forward to working with you.Feel free to reach out and lets do something awesometogether. 
Joshua Madewell

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